No watchable streams!! (Part 2)


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As you have locked the thread I have had to open another, I opened a new ticket like you asked and was told to wait 12 hours for reply I have waited 24 hours and still have not had a reply....


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All backlogged tickets pre-XC closure were closed. Please resubmit and will be answered within 24 hours.


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What about the tickets that were opened on the 28th October after the XE closure and are sill open?


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These guys are messing everyone about. Not answering tickets again, and the cheeky gits are sending emails asking people to sign up for 3 month trial for £19 to show the service is working, and asking customers to leave a review on trustpilot !!.
some streams work for a while, but they're a long way from being a decent service.
Never mind offering trials to existing customers, what about the months of service we've lost which we've already paid for !?!?
The decent thing to do, would be to be honest with customers and answer tickets, as well as extending our subscription to make up for the service we lost.
There's loads of other guys out there, offering FULL working service.
Try a guy called Top end on Facebook.
Hopefully some of you get to see this post, before admin take it down, like all the other posts they removed that criticised the crap service from these clowns. But please keep opening tickets, and posting on here. Even leave reviews on trustpilot to warn other people from losing their hard earned cash