Free IPTV Trial Request Thread


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This has been activated.
Hi there,

This MAC went ahead and paid for service. Unfortunately has had full playlist error since Sunday..nothing loading. I sent e-mail to Quality Sunday and yourselves Monday about it but no reply and service still down. He's no giving me ear ache over the time down. Any chance you can help out ASAP.



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I am interested in the free trial, but would like it over a weekend, if possible, so I can check out the EFL football and the Sky channels for sport.
Is this available?
I am aware that some providers don't allow it, so that people don't take advantage?


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Trials will be for 3 days to access and review full provider services. To reply to this thread and request your trial, simply register here.

Once you request your trial, we will message you the details to activate your trial.

In your reply be sure to include;

Device Type
MAC Address (if applicable)
Hi. I would like a trial please.
Samsung smart tv