Free IPTV Trial Request Thread


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I would like a free trial please
Windows 10 VLC

Unfortunately, our provider does not allow VLC Player/Perfect player trials to protect themselves.

Do you have any other devices or apps you would like to trial with?


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This is the official thread to request a 72 hour free iptv trial, which will be issued by a carefully selected third party provider.

When replying to this thread please include:
Device Type
MAC Address (if applicable)

Please note, iptv trials are for registered users of only. (Registration is free and take 1 minute).

Pricing After Test If You Wish to Subscribe is as Follows;
1 Month - £8
3 Month - £20
6 Month - £30
12 Month - £45

1 Month Mutliroom (3 Connections): £10.40
3 Month Mutliroom (3 Connections): £26.00
6 Month Mutliroom (3 Connections): £39.00
12 Month Mutliroom (3 Connections): £58.50​
Would like free test mag351